Teni Maharaj, who is fond of wrestling, has a domineering image of Union Minister Ajay Mishra in Lakhimpur Kheri, read the full story

Ajay Mishra, who was made a minister in the Modi government at the Center in July, has come into the limelight for the first time after the ruckus in Lakhimpur Kheri. Even though his name has been discussed across the country after this controversy, but in Lakhimpur Kheri, he has been considered a strong and domineering leader for a long time. Ajay Mishra, popularly known as ‘Teni Maharaj’ in the district, has been very fond of wrestling and organizes Dangal every year. Ajay Mishra, who is currently handling the responsibility of the Union Minister of State for Home, is also a big businessman of the area. He runs rice mills, several petrol pumps and also owns large scale agricultural land.

Teni Maharaj has been elected MP from Kheri Lok Sabha seat twice. He was associated with the profession of advocacy before entering politics in 2009. In the 1990s, the Mishra family shifted from Kanpur to Lakhimpur Kheri. At present, Ajay Mishra is counted among the domineering leaders in the Terai region of UP. Not only this, in 2003, his name also appeared in a murder case in Tikunia Nagar Panchayat. Apart from this, once during the hearing, he was attacked in the court and even after being shot, he narrowly survived.

Ajay Mishra’s strength increased election after election

Ajay Mishra was acquitted of the murder case in 2004 and then turned to politics. In 2009, he contested the election of Zilla Panchayat member. After this, in 2012, he had landed from Nighasan assembly seat from BJP. In this election, he was able to win even after the wave of the Samajwadi Party. His victory boosted the party’s confidence and then in 2014 he got a Lok Sabha ticket. Here too he was successful and won by more than one lakh votes. Not only this, in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the margin of his victory increased and doubled. This time he won against SP candidate Purvi Verma by 225,000 votes.

Sudden increase in height after the entry of Jitin Prasad

Due to his victory and being a Brahmin leader, he was given entry in the Modi government in July this year. He is the only Brahmin face to be a part of BJP’s central government from UP. Party sources say that due to the recent entry of Jitin Prasad, he got so much attention. In fact, Jitin Prasad was being described as a Brahmin leader and it was said that by doing so, the party was weakening its own faces. After this Ajay Mishra Teni was promoted as a minister.


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