Talibani have sex with dead body too, escaped female policeman told the scary truth


The world is aware of the brutality and misery of the Taliban who occupied Afghanistan a week ago. Their atrocities on women are also not new. The revelations made by a woman who fled to India before being captured by the Taliban are shocking and shocking. The woman alleged that the Taliban are so cruel that they even have sex with the Lasas. Also, he wants one girl from every household in Afghanistan.

Coming from Afghanistan, a woman named Muskan living in Delhi has said these things in a conversation with Network 18. Muskan, who was once in the police, had to leave Afghanistan because of the fear of the Taliban. He said, “We were threatened there that if you go to work, your family is in danger, you are in danger. They give a warning and if they do not agree, either pick them up or come and shoot them in the head.

She is horrified to remember what happened to a woman who worked with Muskan posted in Kabul. He said, “After 20-25 days when the dead body is found, they also have sex with the dead body, not that they are dead, they also have sex with the dead body. Can you imagine it?”


Muskaan said that the Taliban tortured her by kidnapping her colleague and returning the dead body to the family, threatening that the same would happen to any fighter who worked with the police or the government. It was only after this that he decided to leave Afghanistan. Muskan further said, “They want us to get a girl from every house. Either give the girl or else kill the whole family. Even a girl of 10-12 years is picked up and taken away.” Muskan says that the Taliban saying in front of the media that we have changed is all a sham.

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