Taliban appealed for financial help from the world to run the country, sent a special message to India


How liberal the Taliban will return to Afghanistan after 20 years and how it will run the country, only time will tell, but already it has given indications as to what kind of relations it is going to have with other countries. Even after capturing Kabul last week, the Taliban are still trying to form a government. Meanwhile, he has appealed to the international community for financial help. At the same time, he has also sent a message to India which is very important.

In an interview to the English channel CNN-News18, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said that if India’s projects are incomplete in Afghanistan, they can complete it. In fact, when asked that India has invested heavily in the development of Afghanistan in the last two decades. India has built roads, dams and even Parliament House. But it is being told that the Taliban has stopped trade with India. Is this true and is it permanent? To this Spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said that their (India’s) projects, which are good for the people of Afghanistan and which contribute to the welfare of the people of Afghanistan, if they are incomplete, they can complete it.


The spokesman of the terrorist organization Taliban said that what we are opposing is that India has been taking the side of the Ghani government. For the last 20 years, we want that all countries including India should have relations with the people of Afghanistan and they should also accept the intention of the people of Afghanistan. That was our point and our position and we have always said that no one should take the side of that puppet government (Ghani Sarkar). They should support the people of Afghanistan.

On what is your message regarding the participation of the international community in development work in Afghanistan, the Taliban spokesman said that my message to them is that we have just ended the war and we are leaving that chapter behind. This is a new chapter and the people of Afghanistan need help. To help the people of Afghanistan to build their lives and rebuild Afghanistan, all countries should be helped financially. Then we will have good relations with other countries also. It is also their humanitarian compulsion to come forward to help the people of Afghanistan as 70% are below poverty line. Besides, we have 20 years of war and bloodshed. We would greatly appreciate the help of the international community.


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