Sushil Modi's Question, 'billions Of Rupees To Give Tejaswir Loans

Sushil Modi’s question, ‘Billions of rupees to give Tejaswir loans without job / business. Where are you from


BJP leader Sushil Modi has alleged that Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tejaswi Yadav hid a lot of information in his election affidavit.

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: In Bihar Assembly Election (Bihar Assamese Poll) Chargesheets between political parties continue. On Thursday, senior BJP leader and state deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi alleged that the Jatiya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tejaswi Yadav (Tejaswi Yadav) has concealed a lot of information in his election affidavit. Sushil Modi made this allegation while addressing a press conference. Significantly, Assembly leader Ban and grand alliance CM candidate Tejaswi have submitted nominations from Raghopur constituency. The JDU-BJP alliance is competing with the RJD-Congress grand alliance for power in the state. Sushil Modi said that Tejaswir’s affidavit promised a loan of Rs 401 million, but did not specify which company was given the company and where the money came from.


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According to Modi, Tejaswi had shown in his affidavit in 2013 that he had given Rs 1.7 crore to an Indian company, without any job / business he had received so much money from him that he had given Rs 4.0 crore to someone. Sushil Modi further said that the property received as a gift from Raghunath Jha and Kanti Singh in exchange for a ticket / ministerial post is being described as a property of quick purchase. According to the BJP leader, Raghunath Jha (now late) gifted a two-storey house to the NH in Gopalganj in 2005 to Tej Shabi and Tej Pratap at the age of 15. Similarly, Kanti Singh gifted a house in Chitkohra, Patna in 2005. According to Modi, the property found in the gift was reportedly bought in 2005. The question is raised that at the age of 31, Tejaswi is no more than 52 years old and Tej Pratap owns 28, although he has no hereditary property.

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As the voting date draws closer, leaders have begun campaigning. Deputy Chief Minister and BJP leader Sushil Modi said at a meeting in Aurangabad today that if anyone comes to buy your vote in the dark of night, take the money and give the vote only to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidate.

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