Survey: 43 percent teachers unhappy with online teaching mode in Corona epidemic, 9 percent expressed complete dissatisfaction


The corona epidemic has harmed everyone in some way or the other, but the education of children has been the most harmed by it. Children, parents and teachers all accept this fact. In a survey, about 43 percent teachers said that they are not satisfied with online teaching during the corona epidemic, while nine percent of them expressed complete dissatisfaction with this medium of education.

A total of 220 school teachers took part in an online survey published in the first journal of the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) – ‘Children First: Journal on Children’s Lives’.

Most of the teachers (43 per cent) said that they are not satisfied with the online teaching and nine per cent teachers were not happy with this medium at all. The main issues that teachers have identified are student absenteeism (14 per cent), lack of consideration for children with special needs (21 per cent), short attention spans (28 per cent) when teaching online because of the pandemic. percent), students revealing emotional issues (19 percent) and students not completing assignments.


Teachers and students who took part in the survey also said that online emotional support and mass interaction with counselors and social work helped children become more involved in online learning.

The teachers emphasized that the involvement of parents in school education has become essential as only then will they have regular access to the children and can be directly involved during this period. According to the survey, students who participated in studies said that they were deprived of many school activities like meeting friends and interacting with people etc.



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