Sunil Jakhar was leading in Punjab’s power play, then why was he suddenly left behind; Bajwa’s also so chopped leaves


Sunil Jakhar’s name was being taken prominently in the race to become the Chief Minister of Punjab till Sunday morning, but by the afternoon, things changed and his name was out of the discussion. Not only this, Congress has taken the decision to make Dalit leader Charanjit Singh Channi the CM, surprising everyone. Congress sources say that there was agreement on Jakhar at the leadership level, but only party MPs came out against him. The MPs had said that they would not accept Sunil Jakhar as the CM of the state. The MPs had agreed with the Rajya Sabha MP Pratap Singh Bajwa, but the leadership feared that even after making him, the situation could be similar to the ruckus between Captain and Sidhu.

A senior said, “A conflict will begin between them. In a way, it will have to go back to the previous position. If Amarinder has been removed because he was not being formed from the state president, then a similar situation can happen even if Bajwa is made the CM. Apart from this, Sidhu himself is also opposed to Bajwa being made the CM. Leaders say that if Congress wants to make a Hindu leader as CM, then only Manish Tewari, MP from Anandpur Sahib, should be elected. He is the only Hindu MP from Punjab and he is also representing a holy place like Anandpur Sahib. However, the leadership and Sidhu himself are not in favor of Tiwari.

Why Congress is considering it safe to make Sukhjinder CM

In the midst of this hallucination, the party had turned to Ambika Soni. There was an opinion about him that all three Sidhu, Bajwa and Captain Amarinder could agree to his name. Although she herself gave a statement in public that she does not want to become CM. Due to this, the party has now made its mood regarding Sukhjinder Randhawa. He is a Sikh and is considered one of the leaders close to Sidhu. The party believes that this will also not disturb the caste equation and due to Sidhu being close, the party will also be able to work in better coordination.


Congress leader said, crisis due to Amarinder’s resignation, leadership could not handle

A Congress leader said that while Captain Amarinder Singh has resigned, the party had no plans for a successor. Due to this a strange situation has arisen now and choosing a new CM can be a bit difficult task. Let us inform that Ambika Soni said about the possibilities of becoming CM, ‘I have refused. The party’s churning is going on in Chandigarh. The Secretary General is there. In addition, there are two supervisors. They are talking to every MLA and taking their written opinion. Ambika Soni said that the CM of the state should be a Sikh. He said that this is the only state where a Sikh can become the Chief Minister.



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