Strict instructions to Nitish Kumar’s DGP, arrest of criminals involved in Rupesh murder case


On Tuesday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar summoned state Director General of Police SK Singhal to his office and gave strict instructions that the case should be investigated to ensure proper arrest of the culprits.

Though Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (Nitish Kumar) is the head of the police department, despite all his demands, the murder of Indigo Airlines director Rupesh Kumar (Rupesh Kumar Singh murder case) manager has not been resolved. Due to his friendship with the late Rupesh, every day one or the other leader goes to his village to meet his family members. On Tuesday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar summoned Director General of State Police SK Singhal to his office and issued strict instructions to ensure the arrest of the culprits without prior announcement in an official notification.

How a murder made the problem worse for the Nitish Kumar government

Apart from being strict in such cases, Nitish Kumar has also directed other parts of the state to take action in such pending cases. Nitish Kumar made it clear that no leniency would be tolerated in such cases.



In the case of Rupesh’s murder, although the Director General of Police spoke about the dispute over the taxi stand at the airport, no arrests or conferences were held in the matter till this evening. And most experts believe the murder is still a blind case. So, in conjunction with a slight dispute, the police want to do it quickly.

Nitish Kumar angry over rising crime in Bihar

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