Street vendors have fundamental rights but cannot infringe on the rights of others: High Court


The Delhi High Court on Saturday said that no right is absolute and it needs to be balanced with the rights of others. It said that street vendors have fundamental rights, but when they use public roads, they violate the right of others to walk. While hearing the petitions on the Street Vendors Act, 2014, Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Jasmeet Singh The bench said that the hawkers should get proper seating area in every market.

“They should have a proper licence. So you don’t have to give ‘hafta’ to the police.” The court asked what was the impediment in implementing the law. It asked, “What is the obstacle for the last seven years?” The bench said that the authorities should prepare a street vending plan which should consider the aspects like safety, cleanliness and road etc.


Women and men have equal rights in the constitution. Whenever a fundamental right is violated, an appeal can be made directly to the High Court or the Supreme Court. Fundamental rights have been given to the citizens in the constitution of the country. There are basically seven Fundamental Rights provided by the Constitution. These include the right to equality, the right to freedom, the right against exploitation, the right to freedom of religion, culture and education, the right to property and the right to constitutional remedies.


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