Sonam Wangchuk prepared a tent that is much warmer than the heat of the sun, will prove to be effective for the army in Ladakh


Sonam Wangchuk has invented naib tents for the soldiers deployed in Ladakh. Which is much warmer than just the heat of the sun in a blood-stained winter.

Sonam Wangchuk has invented tents for soldiers posted in Ladakh. Which is much warmer than just the heat of the sun in a blood-stained winter. In Bollywood famous film ‘Three Idiots’, he was also influenced by the character Funshuk Bangdu. It was played by actor Aamir Khan. Sonam Wangchuk has also revealed the detailed benefits of this tent by releasing the video on YouTube on Sunday.

Sonam Wangchuk, in a video uploaded on her YouTube channel, has stated all the advantages of this naib tent. Along with this, the method of its use has also been correctly described. Also described this tent as a gift for Indian soldiers. Earlier, Sonam Wangchuk tweeted and thanked everyone for their full support for this tent.

The tent prepared by Sonam Wangchuk is warm enough in the blood-clad winter of Ladakh with no kerosene, only sun rays. Which will prove to be effective for the soldiers deployed in Ladakh. The temperature is 20 degrees inside this NB tent. Which is the appropriate temperature for seals to live in tents. The specialty of this tent is that it has a temperature of 20 degrees at that time. When the temperature is minus 20 degrees outside.

Sonam Wangchuk has also shared the features of this naib tent through a tweet on Friday. Sonam said that the temperature outside the tent was -14 ° C at 10 pm in Galvan Valley. At the same time, the temperature inside the tent was found to be + 15 ° C. Neither wood nor kerosene is required to prepare for the living temperature in this tent. Also, there is no pollution of any kind due to this tent. It weighs 30 kg and is fully portable. 10 army personnel can live inside this tent.


Indian Army soldiers will be able to easily spend the cold nights of Ladakh using this tent. The special feature of this solar heated military tent is that it works only with the help of solar energy. The army is also showing interest in this new invention of Sonam. This new invention of Sonam will prove to be effective for all such soldiers. Those who are stationed in Ladakh in a blood-stained winter.



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