Sometimes an arch enemy and sometimes a friend; Understand the complete horoscope of the trio of Taliban, Haqqani Network and IS-Khorasan in this way


The triangle of IS Khorasan, Haqqani Network and Taliban remains a challenge to the world. The Taliban and IS Khorasan both want the establishment of an Islamic emirate in Afghanistan, but are considered each other’s arch enemies. According to experts, there are huge differences between the two organizations. However, the fundamentalist ideology of these two is largely similar. The Haqqani network in this triangle is closer to the Taliban and from time to time the two help each other.

So let’s know what are the similarities between this triangle

1. Sharia Law – Establishment of Islamic Emirate and Sharia Law in Afghanistan The main objective of the three organizations

2. Women’s education, employment – Against women’s education and employment. However, this time the Taliban assured of support.

3.Purda system – Taliban, IS Khorasan and Haqqani network favor girls and women to wear hijab

4. Anti-West – All three organizations have been targeting American and NATO forces in Afghanistan besides their supporters

On what issues are there differences between this triangle?

1. Despite similar ideology, there is no coordination between Taliban and IS Khorasan, experts consider Haqqani network as link between them
2. IS Khorasan accuses the Taliban of building the organization on nationalism and ethnic lines instead of a global Islamic sect
3.IS Khorasan openly opposed the peace deal signed by the Taliban in Doha regarding the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan
4. The leader of IS Khorasan also accuses the Taliban and its current leadership of abandoning the path of jihad over the Doha peace agreement


Now let’s know about all three


The Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) is a variant of the Islamic State (IS). According to intelligence units, most of the Pakistanis are involved in this organization. The Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) is also known as ISIS-K. It is estimated to have 1500 to 2200 terrorist fighters. It was also established near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Haqqani Network

The Haqqani network has skilled fighters carrying out major attacks. These fighters are technically adept and capable of making explosive devices and rockets. The organization has good relations with al-Qaeda. The UN Security Council report about this organization said that it plays a large role in association with regional and foreign extremist organizations with terrorist organizations operating in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border areas.


The word ‘Taliban’ in Pashto language means student or student. The organization emerged in the 1990s in northern Pakistan. It is believed that this movement, mainly of Pashtun people, was started by people associated with madrasas teaching Sunni Islamic religion. According to reports, Saudi Arabia used to fund these madrassas in Pakistan at that time. In its early stages, the Taliban claimed to establish peace and security. But at the same time, when he came to power, he used to talk about establishing rule on the basis of Islamic law Sharia and also used to run violent campaigns for it. The Taliban ruled Afghanistan once more from 1996 to 2001 and returned to power in Kabul.


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