Social engineering, tracking the moves of the ‘enemy’; BJP made this strategy for ticket distribution in UP


In selecting its candidates for the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP will keep in mind the social equations as well as the position of the opposition parties. For this, the party is considering a two-pronged policy, which includes selecting candidates for direct contest and multi-cornered contests through different methods. This aspect will also be kept in mind in giving or not giving tickets to the sitting MLAs.

The electoral politics of Uttar Pradesh will revolve around BJP, SP, BSP and Congress. In such a situation, while preventing the unity of the opposing camps, the ruling BJP has to pay attention to their direct and indirect coordination and social equations. A prominent leader of the party has said that there will be many such seats, where candidates will be from all parties, but the situation will be of direct competition. So all the aspects have to be taken into consideration in deciding the candidate for those seats. On the other hand, there will be seats on which the party will decide the strategy according to the division of votes in case all the parties have socially and politically strong candidates.

Social equations remain effective in Uttar Pradesh

Political critics believe that this is the first time after several elections that the Bahujan Samaj Party is not looking very aggressively in the election fray. While the Congress is also not looking very strong on the ground. In such a situation, there is a possibility of a direct contest between BJP and SP in most of the seats. This situation will not be very good for the party as there is a bit of anti-incumbency in the state after being in power for five years. If he is to compete with a strong candidate of the opposition, then there can be a problem. However, social equations remain dominant in Uttar Pradesh and the presence of BSP candidates will also affect every seat.


The process of selection of candidates will start from next month.

According to sources, the BJP leadership will start the process of selection of candidates from next month. The party’s election strategists believe that social equations are in front, but the separation of opposition parties, the unity and coordination between them, will have to work on different strategies for everything.

The party can field almost half the new faces.

According to the BJP’s strategy, the party may field almost half the new faces, but it will keep in mind how effective this change in the opposition candidate and social equations will be. In such a situation, the party has no problem even in giving a chance to many old leaders again. Tickets will be decided on the basis of winning potential.


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