So don’t leave too stupid, 2020 won’t go


This year has survived for many years. There were a few important items left for the world to move forward. 2020 has come to remind him.

2020 is not going. Is not. This year brings his calendar. It’s many years to come. This year has survived for many years. There were a few important items left for the world to move forward. This is to remind us of the year 2020. Unless we manage these things and do it for everyone, especially the poor, the slightest sneeze of the epidemic will break a speed. So the year 2020 will come back to haunt us like a battle only when we find the answer to his question.

This is not a useless or ordinary year. Which makes you happy. This year the leaders said that we considered them great and great, in fact, this year they said they were gangsters dealing with the threat to our lives. In the craze of these national leaders, the poor seem to see the plans of the poor, but the same one per cent who have 0% of the world’s wealth and are preparing to occupy the next 20%. This year you want to review policies and leaders so far. Understand the meaning of your politics deeply. You just want to end the last page of the calendar and start the first page of the new calendar.


In this year’s files, there are stories of how many loved ones died and died. There is an unsatisfactory record of people praying in front of the hospital. There are stories of him dying on the way and reaching the hospital. People did not see their loved ones for the last time. Couldn’t go to them. We have left the hospitals as before the arrival of 2020. In the politics of politics, insurance projects may be profitable, but there is no talk of developing the hospital’s internal infrastructure. Semi-incomplete arrangements were made to strengthen them. Physicians have buried these questions. The life of the pharmaceutical companies also made him helpless. In the hospital system, the helpless patient was like a doctor. The same goes for saying that your lives are in danger. Have you done anything to combat these threats, see something happen? Have we found the answer to this question? If not, how will 2020 go?

In the age of neo-liberalism, governments stopped paying attention to the institution of reading and writing. Did you hear the name of any Indian university when the world’s major universities were publishing new research on medicine every day? Will you become a world leader? 2020 came to tell us that if humanity is to be protected from any such danger, universities and their laboratories must stand up again. Has something like this happened in this direction?

Our house has changed. The meeting hall was useless. Curtains, sofas, tables and decorative items were waiting for guests in the dust. Each room has an office corner. The school opens. The house you used to leave and live in the city, now you are living in a house leaving the city. This did not happen due to unemployment in millions of households. Their children’s names were cut off from the school. The bankers started raiding the house. The third person is present at any time among the people he meets. An unknown epidemic awaits between wearing the mask and removing it. I cried and cried with someone. Millions of people are still struggling to recover from the epidemic. There is a possibility of an epidemic in crores of rupees. You say the year is going on, will everything come back in the new year?

This year, we kindly request. This was a year to see the arrogant stunned. For the issues that he came to warn 2020, he said from 2021 that you can come but I will not leave. 2020 is not the year to leave unless you decide to make a living by using dates.


Shouldn’t the new year be welcomed then? Don’t celebrate? Don’t dance to Omkar’s song? Please don’t. There is life in it, but the way to improve life also needs to change. Must dream new. Which was not done. Which is not being done. 2021 is only coming for those who deceive themselves or otherwise who realize that 2020 will still be many years.

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So don’t leave too stupid, 2020 won’t go
So don’t leave too stupid, 2020 won’t go

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