Sir! Buffalo is not giving milk, you help


People’s strange demand for Madhya Pradesh Police is now becoming a cause of trouble, because in the name of public service, people are reaching the police station with their strange problems. A view of this was seen in Naya village police station of Bhind district. Here a young man reached here to plead for help from the police with his buffalo for not giving milk.

youth reached the police station with a buffalo

People reach the police stations with problems like accidents or crime, but a strange case of asking for help has come to the fore at the Nayagaon police station in Bhind. According to the information, the buffalo of Babulal Jatav, who lives in Nayagaon of Bhind, is not giving milk for a few days. Disturbed by this, Babulal reached the new village police station to seek help from the police. First the young man gave an application to the police regarding his problem and after some time he reached the police station with his buffalo and started pleading with the police for help in milking the buffalo.

Police assured help


At the same time, on this matter, DSP Headquarters Arvind Shah said that the young man was not mentally deranged, but was very naive. He had recently bought a buffalo, but for not giving milk, someone from the village advised to seek help from the police in the form of a trick. The reason for which he had come, he has been sent back after explaining that, since he came to the police with the expectation of help, the police will help him in whatever way possible.

How will the police help?

In this whole matter, the top police officers are also giving assurance of helping the young man, but how will he help the police? It will be interesting to see that the policemen themselves will extract the milk of the buffalo. How the young man will be helped, there is an oath on this matter.


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