Sick heart started beating after 2 years of artificial heart, doctors performed rare surgery

In a rare surgery, doctors at a private hospital in the capital Delhi have removed an artificial heart (left ventricular assist device) from the body of a 56-year-old Iraqi national. Hospital officials said on Tuesday that the surgery was performed after the man’s heart was completely healthy.

Recently, the surgery was done at Fortis Hospital in Noida and doctors claimed that so far very few such cases have been reported in the world. A left ventricular assist device is a mechanical pump placed inside a person’s chest to help pump blood to a weak heart. In this patient, the LVAD was applied in 2018.

The hospital said in a statement that the patient had developed a serious heart problem. Dr Ajay Kaul, president of the Noida-based Fortis Heart and Vascular Institute, and his team performed the surgery on the patient in September. He interacted with the media on Tuesday with the patient. The statement said that when the patient first came to the hospital, he was out of breath and was having trouble working.

He was put on the list of heart transplants as no surgical procedure was possible on him. According to the statement, his condition started deteriorating and it was time to install an LVAD. Later the patient’s condition improved and the patient went to his home country and was asked to come for examination every six months. He contracted the infection a year and a half after the LVAD was installed, the statement said.

The hospital said that the investigation revealed that the patient’s heart has fully recovered. The team led by Call performed an extremely complex and rare surgery to remove the LVAD. Zonal Director of the hospital Mohit Singh said that this procedure was done for the first time in India at Fortis Hospital Noida.


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