Shortage of containers for export in the country, the problem is not solved even after the efforts of the government


The shortage of the most important containers for export in the country does not seem to be resolved even after all the government efforts. According to businessmen, the situation has definitely changed due to government efforts, but the difficulty still remains.

Ajay Sahai, director general of FIEO, Federation of Exporting Organizations, in a conversation with India, admitted that the availability of containers remains a challenge for exporters. He said that even though the government has relaxed the container export period in this direction and efforts are made to release the stranded containers at the ports with customs, all this is not helping the traders in a big way.

He said that the export of empty containers has been banned in some other places including Kolkata port. At the same time, businessmen are now engaged in the work of finding alternative solutions to these problems from their own level. Traders are also looking at such options that containers should be used for export only if it is very necessary, otherwise goods should be sent abroad without them.


The major concern of traders is the wide availability of containers in the US and European markets during Christmas and New Year exports. At the same time, they also want the government to save them from the costly rent of containers. Or give some incentive so that doing business abroad does not become a loss deal.

The central government had last week decided to extend the deadline for re-export of imported containers lying at domestic ports by another three months. At present duty free import of containers is allowed with the condition of re-export during the next six months.



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