Shock to Lok Insaaf Party, petition challenging allocation of election symbol dismissed, Delhi High Court imposed a fine of 1 lakh


The Delhi High Court has dismissed the petition of the Lok Insaaf Party challenging the allotment of the ‘Letter Box’ election symbol for the Punjab Assembly elections and imposed a fine of Rs one lakh on it.

Justice Prateek Jalan said that the political organization, which has requested to allot ‘Tractor Chalata Kisan’ as its election symbol, moved the court on the basis of wrong facts. The High Court directed that the amount of fine be deposited with the Delhi High Court Legal Services Committee within two weeks.

The petitioner party informed the court that it had applied to the Election Commission for allotment of a common symbol, stating that ‘Tractor Chalta Kisan’ and ‘Letter Box’ are its first and second priority respectively.


The petitioner claimed before the court that in Punjab the symbol of ‘Tractor Chalta Kisan’ is one of the symbols available for allotment to registered, unrecognized parties. The Election Commission contended that the petitioner was concealing the basic facts as the symbol was not an independent symbol and was notified by it.

The High Court observed that the petitioner attached “an earlier version” of the Election Commission documents to support his claim that the symbol concerned was an independent symbol and refused to accept the contention of the petitioner that the omission was unintentional. happened in. The court held that the symbol ‘Farmer driving a tractor’ was allotted to a recognized party in Assam and the symbol reserved for a recognized party in any state was not allowed to be allotted to an unrecognized party in other states. Is.

The High Court in its order dated November 11 said that the petition is dismissed. Since the petitioner did not put forth the correct facts in this court, he is entitled to fine. Justice Jalan observed that the petitioner somehow failed to show that the unrecognized registered political party has the right to a particular symbol. The court observed that in the present case the election symbol of ‘letter box’ allotted to the petitioner was his second priority and on this symbol he had contested the last election.


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