Shivananda accused Nitish of hiring people instead of giving him a job


Nitish Kumar said that the people employed in the contract will not be considered as government employees or will not get the same benefits as them, the contract workers will be able to work till the post becomes vacant.

In Bihar, Nitish Kumar’s government has its own plans Policy change A new guideline has now been issued to bring. Nitish Kumar He said that only the people employed in the contract will not be considered as government employees and they will not get the same benefits as them. This will allow contract workers to work until the position becomes vacant. In this latest decision, it is clearly stated that there will be no demand to regularize them in government service.


As soon as the news of the decision reached the newspapers, Shivananda Tiwari, the national spokesperson of the opposition Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), said that the government had already announced a policy to end jobs, not jobs. He said, “It will be remembered that during the Assembly election campaign, Leader of the Opposition Tejaswi Yadav announced that he would sign an order to provide employment to ten million youths at the first cabinet meeting if his government is formed. In response, Nitish Kumar and his alliance announced that Later his government will give jobs to two million youths.


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Shivananda said in a statement that “so far the Nitishwaji government has not been fully formed. But this half-hearted government has decided the fate of millions of people who have returned tenders in various departments. They can be fired from their jobs at any time. Nowadays Nitish Kumar will make us regular government employees in the hope that Nitish Zia’s government has frozen the expectations of millions of tender workers. Stay tuned for what will happen now.


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