Shiv Sena angry at BJP for comparing Mamta government with Taliban, Sanjay Raut said – Center should take action


Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut on Wednesday slammed the newly-appointed West Bengal BJP president Sukanta Majumdar for his “Taliban government in West Bengal” remark. He said that the use of such language in a democracy lowers the level of political statements. Speaking to news agency ANI, Sanjay Raut said that the BJP believes that there is “Taliban rule” in every opposition-ruled state.

He said, “Where there is no BJP government or there is a government of the opposition party, the BJP believes that there is Talibani rule. What is the meaning of Talibani Raj? Such language does not suit anyone in a democracy. Mamata Banerjee So is BJP calling the people of West Bengal ‘Talibanis’? If such statements are made in politics, what will be the level of our politics?”


Balurghat MP Sukanta Majumdar on Monday replaced Dilip Ghosh as the state president. Days after his appointment, he compared the TMC’s government to the Taliban and said he would fight against it.

The Shiv Sena leader also hit out at the central government for not taking action against BJP leaders comparing democratically elected state governments in India with the Taliban. He said, “A union minister was also comparing our government in Maharashtra with Taliban. MPs from West Bengal are calling the elected government there ‘Taliban’. The central government is not taking action against these people. Is this kind of behavior acceptable? In a confrontation between the Center and the state, if a state does not agree with the views of the Centre, can such language be used?”


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