‘Sex dolls’ are increasingly being used, all forbidden and interesting information is attached, bodybuilders are getting married to dolls


In today’s fast-paced life things are changing fast, the way of sex is also changing and the use of sex dolls is increasing rapidly.

Sex Doll News

The craze of sex dolls has increased among people, which is why these dolls help to erase their sexuality.

Sex is a topic that all taboos are about, especially in countries like India, it is still not considered easy to mention openly in the world, it is discussed openly all over the world and there are no special restrictions about it. We are talking about sex dolls here. … its use has been growing rapidly over the last few years.

These dolls were made for human needs, but it is believed that it was not as successful as the male-female relationship.

People are also liking silicone robotic dolls with artificial intelligence technology and making them their life partner. They are used by people from all over the world including Germany, Japan and China, USA, UK.

Bodybuilder married sex doll

Where we used to consider dolls as part of children’s entertainment, dolls are now emerging from children’s toys as part of human life. Something similar happened to Yuri Tolochko, a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan. The Kazakh-based bodybuilder has a sex doll named Margo with whom he recently married. 1610263506 187 Sex dolls are increasingly being used all forbidden and interestingThe video clip of Tolochko and Margo’s wedding went viral on social media and people were shocked to see the pictures. Tolochko had been in a relationship with Root for 8 months before proposing marriage.


If engaging with a sex doll is forbidden, there is plenty of interesting information as well.

The company has given ‘sex dolls’ as a bonus to their employees

In 201 In, it was reported that a large company in southeastern China had gifted sex dolls as an annual financial bonus, there was an annual party of a company. During this time, sex dolls were given as a bonus to increase the excitement of single mail and to attract work. The company said most of its employees were young and wanted to give them some new gifts, pictures of which went viral on social media.

Wives are buying ‘sex dolls’ for big husbands

According to media reports, wives in China have found different ways to please their husbands. Thus, she often protects herself from her husband’s wishes and says that she has bought sex dolls for her older husbands so that they can erase their sexuality with them because with age such women also refrain from having sex and she wants to escape.

The girl had spent Rs 56 lakh on the desire to appear as a sex doll

Some people in the world are very aware of their appearance. For her figure and appearance, she was willing to go to any lengths The same, a 27-year-old woman spent millions of dollars to make her figure more attractive. For this, she married a rich old man. She was operated on with the same money, later divorced by the man, but she is now making a lot of money through her image.

After having sex with a sex doll for a long time, your initial tendency to have sex starts to end which is harmful to you and it is against the laws of nature, it will stop the growth of society.

Because these sex dolls are unable to give birth to a child.


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