Serum Institute of India (SII), a covishield manufacturing company in India, said on Tuesday that it has never exported vaccines at the cost of the lives of the people of India and is committed to supporting the vaccination campaign in the country. The company said in a statement that there has been a lot of discussion on the decision of the government and Indian vaccine manufacturers to export vaccines, including serums, for the last few days.

In the backdrop of the decision to export the vaccine, Serum Yanni SII said, ‘In January 2021 we had a significant stock of vaccine doses. Our vaccination campaign had started successfully and the number of cases reported daily was the lowest. He said that in the meantime, many other countries in the world were facing severe crisis and they were in great need of help. The Government of India provided all possible help in such times.

SII said, “India has helped other countries by exporting hydrochloroquine and vaccines, so today other countries are helping us in exchange for this.” He said that this epidemic is not confined within any geographical or political boundaries.

SII said, ‘Unless everyone globally defeats this virus, we will not be safe. Apart from this, we also have commitments to Kovacs in view of our global alliances, so that they can distribute vaccines globally to end the global epidemic. ‘ He said that another important thing that people are not understanding is that India is among the top two countries in the world with the most population and for such a large population, the vaccination drive cannot be completed in two-three months because Many factors and challenges are involved.

SII said, “SII has delivered more than 200 million doses, whereas we got the EUA (Emergency Use Permit) two months after the US pharmaceutical companies.” The statement said that SII prioritizes India and is increasing production and hopes to start providing vaccines to Kovacs and other countries by the end of this year.

The company said, “We would like to reiterate that we have never exported vaccines at the cost of the lives of the people of India and we are committed to do everything possible to support the vaccination campaign in the country.” He said that SII is working tirelessly with the government to make the best contribution to humanity and will continue to work in this spirit.

Serum said that it is time to work unitedly to defeat this global pandemic. In fact, Congress leaders under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi had on Sunday posted a poster criticizing the Prime Minister in place of his profile pictures on Twitter, questioning why Kovid’s vaccines were sent abroad and he asked the government to arrest him Was challenged.



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