See what happened in the viral video of the ‘King of the Jungle’ lion suddenly on the hotel premises


A video of the ‘King of the Jungle’ lion is going very viral on social media. Lions often live in forests or zoos, which we see with great curiosity, but when the same lion suddenly comes to town or on a street, we are all trapped. In a video that went viral on social media, the lion was seen walking around a hotel in his spare time, but the security guard’s bell was rung after seeing him.

In fact, this video went viral on the internet on February 8th. On the morning of February 6, the lion jumped from the main gate of a hotel in Junagadh, Gujarat, and the security guards hid in his cabin, looking at the lion. This time the lion roams around the hotel comfortably and after stopping for a while jumps from the same gate without harming anyone. This video of the lion was caught on CCTV camera at night in the hotel premises.

The video, captured on CCTV, shows that the incident took place around 5 am on February 8. The lion walks around the Portico Hotel Complex in Junagadh for about 45 seconds and then walks away and leaves without harming anyone. It is said that this hotel is located near Junagadh railway station.

The video was shared by Rajya Sabha MP Parimal Nathwani on his Twitter account. This video shows the whole incident from the time the lion entered the hotel to the time it left. This video is being shared by many.




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