See how the thirsty cobra let him drink water from the bottle, the video is going viral


People get scared when they hear the name of the cobra snake, but a video is going viral on social media, in which a person is seen feeding him bottled water. Not only that, the thirsty cobra is drinking this water very comfortably. The video was shared by Indian Forest Service Officer Sushant Nanda on his Twitter account. Sharing the video, Nanda wrote, ‘Love and water. Two important things for life. People are commenting a lot on the video shared by the IFS officer. One user wrote that this is the first time he has seen a snake drink water. The user writes that I have heard that snakes cannot eat water.

One user described the cobra as a bold move to water. At the same time, a man asked the question, who is the person who watered the cobra and how did he do it easily. However, this is not the first time that a snake has been seen drinking water so comfortably. Another video went viral a while ago, where the snake was seen drinking water from a person’s palate. The person who shared the video said that the snake’s tongue does not help him drink water. But he can do it through his jaws.

Indian Forest Service official Sushant Nanda often shares interesting videos on his account. He recently shared another video in which a man jumped into a well to save a cobra. Not only that, he rescued the cobra and brought it out. In the caption of this video, Sushant Nanda further writes, ‘Never do this unless you are trending. It can be fatal. ‘He often shares a lot of original videos about wildlife that have gone quite viral.




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