Season information: The weather will change in northern India from October 15, find out the states of other states


Season Information: Patterns in eastern India and southeastern India will change the weather pattern between October. The low pressure area in the Bay of Bengal is increasing.

Season Information: The weather in North India is changing regularly. The low pressure area in the Bay of Bengal is increasing. Under such circumstances, the system will reach the Bay of Bengal within the next 48 hours. Due to which the weather patterns may change across India. The weather has started changing in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The weather is likely to be cold in the capital Delhi. So the weather in South India is going to be completely rainy and dry.

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Live weather update today

According to the meteorological department, there is a possibility of rain in Bihar and Jharkhand in Bengal.


The weather in Delhi and surrounding areas is cool in the morning and evening.

The weather will change in East India and South East India from October to October.

The storms that start in October usually reach Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

The weather will be clear in the capital Delhi. The weather will change in the coming days due to the winter weather.

The sky will be overcast in Chennai for the next one week.

Rain warning has been issued for Kerala, Tamil Nadu and southern Inner Karnataka.

There is a possibility of a cyclone from the Bay of Bengal in October-November-December.

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In many parts of Madhya Pradesh, the monsoon is expected to end by October 15.



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