SC suggested work from home to deal with pollution, asked Center to call emergency meeting tomorrow


The air in Delhi-NCR is becoming toxic and people’s lives have become difficult due to air pollution. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has asked the central government to convene an emergency meeting on Tuesday to deal with air pollution in Delhi. The Supreme Court has directed the Center to convene an emergency meeting tomorrow on issues like construction, non-essential transport, stopping power plants and implementing work from home to tackle air pollution in Delhi-NCR.

The Supreme Court has adjourned the matter till November 17. Earlier, the Supreme Court asked the central government and the state governments associated with the NCR region to consider work from home for their employees. Not only this, the Supreme Court has also asked the Chief Secretaries of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana to be present in the emergency meeting to be held tomorrow by the Center.

During the hearing of the pollution case in Delhi, the Supreme Court asked the Central Government what major steps do you propose to take to deal with the increasing air pollution in Delhi. The court also said that the contribution of stubble burning in air pollution is only four percent, so there is no basis for making an outcry about it.


The Supreme Court asked the Center and the states to take a decision on which industries, vehicles and plants can be stopped for some time. The court slammed the Delhi government for holding the corporations accountable and said that false pretexts would strengthen it to conduct an audit of expenditure and earnings on slogans used for propaganda.

After hearing the affidavit filed by the Respondents (Government) we have come to the conclusion that the main factors of pollution are construction activity, industry, transport, electricity and vehicular traffic. The Supreme Court also asked the state governments of Punjab and Haryana to persuade farmers not to burn stubble for two weeks. The bench said that we direct the Government of India, the states connected with NCR to examine the process of starting work from home for the employees.


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