Sameer Wankhede will not disappear from the scene, this role will be in the investigation of Aryan Khan case


A day ago a shocking news came out in connection with the Aryan Khan case. In which it came to light that Sameer Wankhede has been excluded from the investigation of 6 cases including cruise drugs case. But the Narcotics Control Bureau says that Sameer Wankhede has not been completely removed from the investigation of the Aryan Khan case. They will still cooperate with the investigation. According to the officials of the Bureau, his role has now changed.

Sanjay Kumar Singh, Deputy Director General of Narcotics Control Bureau, who is probing the Aryan Khan case, said that the decision to remove Sameer Wankhede from the investigation team of 6 cases, including the cruise drugs case, is an administrative decision. Although Sameer Wankhede is the zonal director of the bureau, so he will cooperate in this investigation.

In fact, after the allegations of Minister Nawab Malik in the Maharashtra government, a departmental inquiry has started against Sameer Wankhede. Sameer Wankhede has been accused of extortion and other irregularities.

Sanjay Kumar Singh, who reached Mumbai on Saturday, told ANI, “We have changed the officer to investigate six cases. He (Sameer Wankhede) is the zonal director of Mumbai, we will definitely take his help in the investigation.”

The Central Agency, Narcotics Control Bureau, issued a statement on Friday and clarified that the transfer of the Aryan Khan case investigation was due to “national and international impact”. No officer or officers have been removed from their present roles and they will continue to cooperate with the investigation until a specific order is issued against them.”

After the bureau’s decision was announced on Friday, Sameer Wankhede had said, “I have not been removed from the investigation. My writ petition in the court was that the matter should be investigated by a central agency. Hence the Aryan case by the SIT of Delhi NCB and Sameer Khan case is being probed.” This is a mutual coordination between the NCB teams of Delhi and Mumbai.”

An NCB official told ANI that Sameer Wankhede is a Deputy Inspector General rank officer of the central agency and too senior to be the investigating officer of any case. “He only supervises any investigation in the area. So it is baseless to say that Sameer Wankhede was dropped from the investigation of these cases. In fact, he was never investigating these cases,” the official said.




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