Ruckus broke out over 387 names removed from the list of freedom fighters, Kerala leader raised questions


There has been an uproar over the names of 387 martyrs removed from the list of freedom fighters. Opposition leader in Kerala VD Satheshan on Monday criticized the central government for this decision and said that removing the names of 387 martyrs who took part in the Moplah rebellion in Malabar in 1921 from the list of freedom fighters is an injustice with history.

Satishan said, ‘The biggest enemy of the Sangh Parivar is the history of this country. Like any other dictator, PM Narendra Modi’s attempt is also to create a new history by tampering with history.

Let us tell you that in 1921, Moplah Muslims in Kerala started an armed rebellion against the British officials and their Hindu allies. This rebellion lasted for about 6 months in which about 10 thousand people lost their lives. RSS has been raising this issue for a long time. He says that the revolt was communal, in which Muslims targeted Hindu landlords.


Satishan wrote in a Facebook post, ‘Virayamkunnath Kunjahamad Haji was a fearless warrior who fought tirelessly against the British army. His name is recorded in history as a fearless warrior, who was sentenced to death by the British government and even ordered not to be blindfolded at the time of hanging. The Moplah rebellion was led by Virayamkunnath Kunjahamad Haji.

Satishan said that those who rejected the national movement against British rule at that time are today trying to tamper with our glorious history.


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