Revealed: The increasing power of the Taliban boosted the spirits, IS terrorists are making dangerous plans in the jungles of South India


Along with trying to set up training camps, launching pads in the jungles of South India, IS inspired terrorists were also working on the possibilities of human bombs. These dangerous intentions have been exposed by security agencies investigating the activities of IS inspired terrorists. At the same time, security agencies have been warned of great danger.

Intelligence sources said that the ISIS-inspired terrorists had searched for land in the jungles of South India to set up a training camp. Suspicious movement of IS inspired terrorists has been seen in different parts of the country. But the agencies have got the maximum recruitment information in Kerala. The activities going on in Kashmir and Bengal are also on the radar of the agencies.


Sources in the intelligence agency said that the book titled The Mobile Bomb, released by the IS-affiliated Al Azam Media Foundation, has also exposed the dangerous plans of IS in this area. This book explains how different types of explosive belts and vests can be made with different chemicals. Apart from the methods of making bombs, it talks about eliminating the enemies of jihad with special emphasis on jihad.

The book was promoted by IS suspects on social media platforms. An official associated with the security agency said that after the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, the spirits of such elements have increased. The agencies are in touch with each other after assessing various types of threats. Work is being done on a common counter-terrorism strategy at many levels.


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