Revealed in RTI report: 3.86 crore Indians increase the risk of corona by delaying the second dose of the vaccine


Complete immunization is very important to achieve strong immunity against corona infection. However, sometimes people are unable to take the second dose on time due to non-availability of vaccine, sometimes due to fever or any other reason. According to an RTI, over 3.86 crore Indians delayed their second dose of the vaccine. Experts have clarified that it is important to get the second dose on time to get the full benefit of the vaccine. This is even more necessary in view of the danger of the Delta variant. However, he also said that it is definitely more effective to take both the doses in the prescribed time frame, but even if there is a slight delay, there is nothing to panic. Neither your first dose will be ineffective, nor will you need to be vaccinated again. If the second dose is administered with a delay of ten to 15 days from the due date, the same benefit will be given.

‘Booster dose’ produces ‘memory cell’

The second dose acts as a ‘booster dose’. It not only increases the level of anti-Covid antibodies, but also ensures the production of ‘memory-B cells’ in the immune system. Memory B cell is a type of white blood cell. As soon as the SARS-CoV-2 virus enters the body, the receptors present in it alert the immune system. Due to this, he starts producing effective antibodies to fight the infection.
Wait two to three months if infected
If you become infected after getting the first dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine, you are advised to wait two to three months for the second dose. Actually, after getting infected, your body starts making antibodies again.

Why is a second dose necessary?

1. Helpful in protecting against new variants
According to a study published in May by Public Health England (PHE), the second dose of the Kovid vaccine may provide better protection against new forms of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. After applying it, the effect of the vaccine increases from 33 percent to 60 to 88 percent.

2. Chances of re-infection 0.07 percent


Researchers from US-based Vanderbilt University claimed in a study published in June that after full vaccination, the chances of getting infected with corona are only 0.07 percent. The vaccine is also effective in reducing the risk of the infected being hospitalized or dying.

3. The risk of developing symptoms is also low

In a study by the University of North Carolina, most of the patients who got infected with corona after vaccination were found to be ‘asymptomatic’ i.e. without symptoms. It is clear from this that the vaccine may not have been able to stop the virus from attacking, but it was successful in reducing the risk of falling seriously ill or succumbing to the person.

in what distance is possible

-The second dose of Covishield should be taken between days 84 to 112
There should be a gap of 28 to 42 days in both doses of Covaccine.
Second dose of Sputnik-V should be administered at an interval of 21 days.
More than 3.86 crore people missed
-34072993 Beneficiaries did not get the second dose of Covishield on time
-4678406 people did not get the second dose of the vaccine within the prescribed time limit
(Note: Data as of August 17, Source: Union Health Ministry’s reply to an RTI)


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