Removal of useless seniors from the country’s cleanest city! Congress has demanded that a lawsuit be filed against these claims


Poor elderly people living in night shelter in Indore have left the municipal corporation out of the city, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has directed.

This is the fifth year in a row in the country Clean city, The largest and most populous city in Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) Indore (Indore) is now in the headlines due to a viral video. Here Municipal Council The car leaves the elderly destitute on the outskirts of the city. In view of this tragic episode, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan (Shivraj Singh Chouhan) has directed to take action. Now the Congress (Congress) wants an FIR against the culprits. The elders have returned to the rain shelter of the cleanest city in India. However, the Congress reached out to the police with some elders. It is alleged that some of the people in the video are missing. In this case, a case of kidnapping has to be filed against the culprits.

Congress MLA Sanjay Shukla said, “Everyone has claimed that 4 out of 15 people have been found.” Where should 11 people be found. Where are the people who are constantly raised? They need information. We have complained to the IG. Those who are missing will have to file a kidnapping case. 302 cases should be filed if someone dies

Indore Inspector General of Police Hari Narayan Chari Mishra said, “In this case, these people have reported that some people have not come.” We will try to get them as soon as possible. Police will look for them in the video footage. This is the missing person, if there is anything like that in it, we will talk and investigate the facts.

In Indore on Friday, municipal workers were caught on camera by elderly homeless people on the side of the highway on the outskirts of the city. After villagers protested in the Khipra area, the workers agreed to take back the elderly. Pictures of this event are going to surprise anyone. An old man was lying in a corner of the truck. An elderly woman is trapped who was put in a truck after the protest.

In this case, at first the municipal corporation was not ready to believe that any such incident had taken place. Additional Commissioner Abhay Rajnangonkar said that “in the video, the workers were taking homeless people to shelter at night to save them from the night temperature”.

But then the Chief Minister directed to take immediate action. He also shared this information on Twitter. Urban Development Minister Bhupendra Singh said, “The Hon’ble Chief Minister himself has suspended the Deputy Commissioner. We are giving clear instructions to prevent such recurrences in the future.”


In Indore, Priyanka Gandhi shared a case of abuse with innocent people by sharing VIDIO harassment

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But now the elderly are in the shelter. At least the administration and the opposition are taking good care of them in front of the camera. Known as Indore Mini Bombay. The city has been the cleanest city in the country for four consecutive years. This is the fifth time this year the competition has been held, but it may not be a worse picture if the city’s elderly, destitute poor are cleared.


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