Relief is going to come soon from expensive petrol and diesel, Union Minister told from when the prices will come down


Very sensitive to the rising prices of petrol and diesel. In the coming times, the common people will get some relief from the inflation in oil prices. Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Hardeep Singh Puri said this on Tuesday. During a press conference, the Union Minister said that the oil prices in the international market are gradually coming down and stabilizing. He said that in the coming months it will have an impact on oil prices and it will come down.

Use of excise money for people

Union Minister Puri, meanwhile, defended the government’s decision to impose higher excise duty on oil prices. He said that it is okay that the government collects excise duty of Rs 32 per liter, but the money received from it is used for various public welfare schemes. He said that the government is also very sensitive about its other responsibilities. Puri said that after Corona, 80 crore people were provided free ration. Free vaccine was given and other facilities were also made available. Where did all this money come from? In this case the picture needs to be seen completely.


Taxes imposed in 2010 continue even today

The Union Minister said that the excise duty imposed by the Central Government is the same as that imposed in April 2010. He said that even when the price of oil in the international market was $ 19 60 cents per liter, the excise duty was imposed at the rate of Rs 32 per liter only. Excise duty has been imposed at the same rate even when oil prices have reached $75 per liter in the international market. Puri said that oil prices in India are determined according to the international market. He said that apart from the central government, the state governments also levy VAT.


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