Rani Kamalapati, Suheldev, Birsa Munda… How BJP is calculating votes by mentioning unsung heroes


The Modi government at the Center has decided to celebrate the birth anniversary of tribal hero Birsa Munda as Tribal Pride Day on November 15, while Habibganj railway station in Bhopal will also be inaugurated on the same day. This railway station has been given a world class form and its new name will now be on Kamalapati Rani. Not only this, PM Narendra Modi is going to go to UP to inaugurate Purvanchal Expressway on the very next day i.e. on Tuesday, 16 November. During this, he will also inaugurate the medical college at Azamgarh, which has been named after Suheldev, the king of Rajbhar fraternity.

Earlier, PM Narendra Modi had also mentioned about the announcement of university in the name of Jat king Mahendra Pratap Singh in Aligarh of UP and Ahom warrior Lachit Barphukan in Assam. The names of all these heroes are rarely found in history books. In such a situation, the question definitely arises that why PM Narendra Modi and BJP are promoting them. Actually, even though these names do not get prominently in history books, but their stories have been discussed in folk history. On the one hand, the people of Munda tribe have been considering Birsa Munda as a deity, while Jat Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh has been a hero of freedom as well as a symbol of ethnic pride.


Similarly, Rajbhar society in Purvanchal has been seeing Suheldev Rajbhar as its hero. The government has already started a train between Delhi and Ghazipur in the name of Suheldev. In such a situation, now by making a medical college in his name, Modi at the Center and the Yogi government of UP want to give the message that they respect the hero of Rajbhar society and are compensating in their own way for not getting respect in history. The neglect on the part of historians of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh was also mentioned by PM Narendra Modi in Aligarh recently. According to political experts, through this he was trying to bring together the Jat fraternity, nationalism and Hindutva.

Trying to cultivate caste pride, nationalism and Hindutva together

In fact, the BJP has often talked about the dominance of the Left narrative in the writing of history. She often mentions heroes who, though not present in the history books, are part of folklore and have a sense of ethnic pride. Birsa Munda has a history of speaking out against the conversion of tribals. Apart from this, Rani Kamalapati had avenged the murder of her husband by killing Alam Shah. By mentioning Suheldev, BJP wants to bring the Rajbhar community into its fold, whose leader OP Rajbhar is in the SP’s court these days. In such a situation, the BJP seems to be planning to compensate for this setback by mentioning Suheldev Rajbhar.


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