Rakesh Tikait said – what will be the fate of the farmer movement, I do not know now, will have to guard the movement like a field


On the completion of six months of the ongoing farmers’ agitation against the three new agricultural laws of the center, Rakesh Tikait, national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, said on Wednesday that this movement will still run long. Laws can be made in the Corona era, so why can’t it be abolished. He said that the government will try to crush the movement. It is not known what will be the fate of the movement. If the movement is unsuccessful, the government will do as it pleases, and if successful, it will benefit future generations of farmers.

What the government did in the Corona era was not understood. The oxygen giver got a stick. I did not understand what the government wanted to give, the injection of 400 was sold for 40 thousand. The country was looted in the name of illness. Bread has become an object of the vault. This movement is named after him. We will increase the movement in peace. This movement can also continue till 2024. Farmers have to be prepared for this in the same way that they prepare crops.

If the administration bothers you will be treated in the villages

Tikait said that if the people sitting in the villages will not come then how will the movement go. The movement will have to be guarded like a field. Trolleys, bamboo, cots and other items are needed here. Chanda is coming from the village. If the movement is to go on long then there will be no wasting of goods. White flag will be installed tomorrow. Both talks and agitation will continue in peace. 26th date arrives every month. He said that he will not allow water and electricity to be cut at the protest site. If the administration teases, then we will get treatment in the villages.


Farmers celebrated black flag on ‘Black Day’

Let us tell you that the farmers, who are protesting on the borders of Delhi against the three new agricultural laws of the Center, celebrated ‘Black Day’ on Wednesday after completing six months of their agitation and during this time they hoisted black flags, burnt effigies by raising anti-government slogans And performed. Hundreds of farmers in Ghazipur along the Delhi-UP border were divided into groups led by Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader Rakesh Tikait and burnt the effigy of the center to protest. Meanwhile, the local police tried to stop the farmers trying to burn the effigy at the UP gate under the Delhi Meerut Expressway and during this time there was chaos for a while. Supporters of Bhakiyu held black flags in their hands, placards in the hands of many with slogans denouncing the government and demanding the withdrawal of three new agricultural laws.

The Delhi Police appealed to the people not to gather in view of the situation due to Corona virus infection and the enforced lockdown and said that they are keeping a close watch to deal with any situation at the protest site.

Significantly, on Tuesday, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) sent a notice to Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana for allegedly violating Kovid-19 rules by the protesting farmers. At the same time, Delhi Police also appealed not to gather in view of the situation and lockdown due to infection.



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