Rajasthan: People coming from outside have to show 72-hour old RT-PCR report


The second wave of corona virus is proving fatal in the country. Records of new cases are being made every day. By Sunday night, the total number of corona infects found during the 24 hours reached 1,03,764. Meanwhile, different states are also tightening the rules of Corona here. In this episode, the Rajasthan Health Minister has informed that – It is mandatory to show maximum 72 hours old RT-PCR report to people coming from outside the state. If he does not do so, he will be placed in a 14-day home quarantine. If they do not follow the protocol in home quarantine, they will be referred to the institutional quarantine.

Here, official data shows that Maharashtra (where new restrictions have been put in place to stop the fastest growing virus) and Punjab have been the highest in terms of total number of new Kovid-19 cases and deaths across the country in the last 15 days. Are ahead Here, Maharashtra has reported 426,108 Kovid-19 cases in the last two weeks till 31 March. Punjab recorded 35,754 cases in the same period.

The Health Ministry has said that 11 states – Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Haryana – have been categorized as “severe” based on Corona’s fast-growing daily cases. .




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