Raising the toilet slogan of Joy Shri Ram has broken the toilet complex


Bajrang Dal leaders vandalize toilet complex at government bus stand in Saharanpur, UP

Saharanpur (UP) Bajrang dal (Bajrang Dal) People shouted ‘Joy Shri Ram’, ‘Joy Shri Ram’ The toilet is complicated (Toilet Complex) Has been attacked And it broke. They said it was adjacent to the temple walls. Although about 40 years old, this toilet is built a few feet away from the temple walls. There is also a narrow alley between the temple and the toilets. Being a bus station, a lot of passengers come here, so recently the old toilet was modernized.

At around 11:30 am on Wednesday, Bajrang Dal leaders and activists entered the toilet complex and chanted “Joy Shri Ram” and “A slogan of the same name – Joy Shri Ram Joy Shri Ram”. They also demolished the women’s toilets and disabled toilets built here.

Biswasingh, who described himself as the president of the All India Hindu Mahasabha West UP, was leading the attack on the Kamboj toilet. He told the media on the occasion, “Two days ago, Hindu fighters came to us. Two days, 48 ​​hours ultimatum was given. No action could be taken from there, then we ourselves were dissatisfied that it destroyed our will. You do.”



People were shocked to hear the slogan “Joy Shri Ram” in the form of Yudh Ghosh from the mouths of those who attacked the toilets. “This toilet is 40 years old and the toilet is far away from the temple. There is a drain between the temple and the toilet. We did not agree. There will be a lot of people here. Men can go out in public, but tell them where women will go. “

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“People on the roadways have seen that the toilet is very old. It has just been renovated. Strict action will be taken against those who demolished it,” SP City Vinit Bhattnagar of Saharanpur told NDTV.


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