Rain Of Problems In Maharashtra, Flood Situation In Many Districts,

Rain of problems in Maharashtra, flood situation in many districts, dispatch of NDRF teams


After Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Maharashtra also receives heavy rainfall. Many images of destruction due to heavy rains have been published in different districts of the state.

Heavy rains in Maharashtra: Maharashtra Rain in many districts It came as a disaster. Due to this there are flood situations and roads have been converted into rivers. Many districts like Pune, Solapur, Sangli have flood-like situation. The rains, which have affected farmers, have raised concerns. After Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh) and Telangana (Telangana), Maharashtra is also experiencing rain storms. Heavy rains in several districts of the state have brought many images of devastation, with several more hours of Red Alert going on in different regions. Rains in Andhra and Telangana have killed more than two dozen people.


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In Indapur, Pune, a man was drifting in a strong current, his life could be saved somehow with the help of JCB machine. A flood-like situation has also arisen in Sangali. An elderly woman was carried on her shoulders to a safe place due to rain. In Solapur too, people stranded in various areas due to rains have been shifted to safer places with the help of NDRF. People were seen leaving the submerged village and loading it on tractors to go to safer places. Many rivers overflow due to rains.

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In Telangana, 30 people were killed in rain-related incidents

People in Baramati say they have not seen so much rain in recent years! The situation is similar in Ahmednagar. People trapped due to rains have been able to come out safely. Images of completely destroyed crops have also emerged from many districts like Buldhana, Sangli, Solapur. Waterlogging also showed rainfall in some low-lying areas of Mumbai. The NDRF has sent three teams to Maharashtra for relief and rescue work, deployed in Solapur, Pune and Latur. The Meteorological Department has issued a few more hours of red alert in several areas of Konkan in central Maharashtra.

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Waterlogging everywhere, rains returned to Mumbai as a disaster

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