Rahul Gandhi’s scathing attack on the central government, saying that the day Congress comes to power, all three agricultural bills will be in the dustbin


Former Congress national president Rahul Gandhi is standing in front of the Hatras scandal on the one hand and farmers across the country on the other hand over the agricultural bill. Today, farmers in Moga, Punjab, have launched a campaign to save their crops, which will last for the next three days.

Rahul Gandhi also reached the spot and took part in the protest. Rahul Gandhi has again attacked the central government for passing three agricultural bills. During the campaign, Rahul said that if farmers are happy with these three bills, then why are farmers across the country protesting.


Rahul Gandhi has assured the farmers

The campaign to save this farm has been going on for three days. The Modi government wants to abolish MSP. Also, the whole market of agriculture should be handed over to Ambani and Andani, but the Congress party does not allow this to happen. It is the promise of Congress and will not back down.

If the government had to pass the bill, it should have discussed it first in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. What accelerated the passage of these three laws during the Corona period. Rahul Gandhi further said that he wanted to give a guarantee to the farmers that the day Congress comes to power, these three black laws will be repealed.

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These laws will throw in the trash. He assured the farmers that the Congress is with the farmers all over the country.

The country does not belong to Modi, but to the government of Ambani and Adni – Rahul Gandhi

Rahul said it is true that the current system for farmers to buy produce is wrong, but that does not mean complete it instead of improving the system. If this system ends, the farmers will have nothing left.

The farmer has to talk directly to Ambani and Adani and in this conversation the farmer will be killed. This country is Modi’s government, but it is wrong. Now this country has become the government of Ambani and Adni, not Modi. Narendra Modi is giving him life, Ambani and Adani are managing.

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Modi cleared the land for Ambani and Adni. Then they support Modi’s victory.



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