Rahul Gandhi questions on ‘America’s silence’ in India’s internal affairs, complaint to US expert


Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, in a virtual video meeting with Harvard Kennedy School ambassador Nicholas Burns, accused the BJP government of capturing the country’s institutional structure and complained about America’s silence over what was happening in India. Also raised questions. In a conversation with Nicholas Burns, Rahul Gandhi questioned that what is happening in India does not get heard from American institutions.

According to news agency ANI, Rahul Gandhi said that I did not hear anything from the American establishment about what is happening in India. If you are talking about the partnership of democracy, then why does America not talk about what is happening in India. I mean what is your view on what is going on here (Nicholas Burns).

He further said that I basically believe that America is a deep thought. The way the idea of ​​freedom is enshrined in your constitution is a very powerful idea, but you should defend that idea. That is the real question. Accusing former Congress president Rahul Gandhi of completely taking over the institutional structure in the country from the ruling party, he said on Friday that the institutions responsible for ensuring a fair political fight were not providing the requisite cooperation.

When asked about the electoral failure of the Congress and the strategy ahead, Rahul Gandhi said, “We are in a different situation today where the institutions which are supposed to protect us are not able to protect us.” Institutions that have to cooperate for a fair political contest are not doing so now. ‘ He alleged that the institutional structure was completely captured by the ruling party.

Along with this, he claimed that people are disillusioned with the ruling party and this is also an opportunity for the Congress. On the impact of the Corona crisis and the lockdown, the Congress leader said, “I said at the beginning of the lockdown that the power should be decentralized … but after a few months the central government understood that by then the damage was done.”

Asked what his economic policy would be if he got a chance to become Prime Minister, the former Congress president said that he would emphasize on the creation of jobs. On the question related to the measures to speed up the economy, the Congress leader said, “Now the only option is to give money in the hands of the people.” For this we have the idea of ​​’justice’. ‘ Asked about the challenge of increasing domination of China, he said that countries like India and America can tackle Beijing’s challenge with democratic values ​​as well as prosperity and development of manufacturing sector.




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