Priyanka Gandhi’s horrific attack on Hathras, who is again defending the worst behavior of DM?


The Hathras incident is now turning into a political issue, seeing the game of contradiction between the opposition and the opposition. At the same time, yesterday’s attempt allowed Priyanka Gandhi and her brother Rahul Gandhi to meet the family members of the victim.

However, media workers as well as other leaders have been allowed to visit Hathras. On the other hand, the responsibility of this case has now been handed over to the CBI. However, the victim’s family has demanded that the case be investigated under the supervision of a Supreme Court judge.


At present there is no response from the Yogi government to this demand. The DMs have also come under attack on this issue.

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi’s tweet


Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has besieged the Yogi government and tweeted against the DM. Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi said that according to Hathras’ victim’s family, the worst treatment was for the DM. Who is protecting them? He should be fired without delay and his role in the whole matter should be investigated.

The family is seeking a judicial inquiry into why the SIT probe is ongoing after the CBI probe. Even if the UP government wakes up a bit, it should listen to the family.

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The video of the DM’s conversation with the victim’s family has gone viral

I tell you that a video of the DM talking to the family of the victim went viral on social media. In this video, DM Prabin Lakshkar says maintain your credibility. The media is here today, not tomorrow.

All will be gone. You agree with the government you are not correcting by changing the statement repeatedly. What do you want us to know tomorrow? After this statement of DM, now his chair has become the target of people.

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