Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that every student will get a chance to prove himself in the new education policy


After announcing the new education policy in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his speech on the new education policy at a conference organized by the Human Resource Development and University Grants Commission. At this point, Prime Minister Modi said that after the publication of the National Education Policy, there was no question that there was any kind of bias or leaning towards it from any region, or any section of the country.

Each country has been reforming the education system with its national values ​​in line with its national goals. The aim is to make the education system of the country ready for its present and future generations.

Over the years, our education system has not changed much. As a result, the sheep movement was being encouraged in our society instead of promoting curiosity and imaginative values. Today is also the death anniversary of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. He used to say that the greatest education is that which not only informs us, but harmonizes our life with all existence. Of course the larger goal of the national education policy involves this.


How can our students develop critical thinking and innovative thinking in our youth if there is no passion, teaching philosophy, teaching purpose in our education. Accordingly, the education system in India should change itself, it was very important to do so. Going beyond the 10 + 2 structure of the school curriculum and now giving the structure of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 curriculum is one step in this direction.

Prime Minister Modi further said that today I am satisfied that these questions were taken seriously during the formulation of India’s National Education Policy. A new world order is coming with the time of change.

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A new global standard is also being decided. To make our students a global citizen, they also need to remember that they can stay connected to their roots. The nature of this national education policy has been determined by combining all national issues from the original to the jug, from Manuja to humanity, from the past to the modern.

There is no dispute that children’s learning speed can be improved by having the same dialect at home and the language of instruction in school. This is a very big reason why we have agreed to teach children in their mother tongue till the fifth grade as much as possible. Emphasis is now on research-based, discovery-based, discussion-based and analysis-based approaches to children’s learning. This will increase the urge to learn among the children and increase their participation in their classes.

Every student should have this opportunity to follow his passion. He could pursue any degree or course as per his convenience and requirements and if he felt like it he could leave. When a student goes for a job after completing the course, he may find that he does not meet the requirements of the job. Many students have to leave the course for various reasons. In all such situations, care, multiple entry and exit options are also provided.

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When we go to the village, we will see farmers, workers, laborers working, only then will they know about them, understand them, learn to respect their labor. So a lot of work has been done in the national education policy on student education and achieving the glory of labor.



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