Prime Minister Modi Has Released A Commemorative Coin Of Rs

Prime Minister Modi has released a commemorative coin of Rs 75 on the 75th anniversary of the FAO


Another important step has been taken today to further strengthen India’s nutrition promotion.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today unveiled a commemorative coin of Rs 755 via video conference on the occasion of the 755th anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). In addition, Prime Minister Modi recently dedicated 17 biocultural varieties of 8 crops developed for the variety. According to BJP Twitter, on this occasion, Prime Minister Modi said that he wishes you all a happy World Food Day. I also congratulate those who are working tirelessly to eradicate global malnutrition.

Indian farmers, our agricultural scientists, Anganwari and Asha workers are strongholds of the movement against malnutrition. As a result of his hard work, he has filled the country with grain, and helped the government reach out to the poor and needy. We did not get the expected results in our fight against malnutrition due to many reasons like pregnancy, lack of education, lack of information, lack of clean water, lack of sanitation.


The FAO has been closely monitoring India’s fight against malnutrition for decades. There were several departmental attempts at different levels in the country, but their scope was limited or fragmented. When I got the opportunity to serve the country in 2014, I started a new endeavor in the country. We are moving forward with an integrated approach with an integrated approach. After finishing all the silos we started working on a multidimensional strategy. Another important work is being done to tackle malnutrition. Now such crops are being promoted in the country where the amount of nutrients like protein, iron, zinc etc. is high.

Discussions are also underway to determine the exact age of marriage for daughters. I get letters from conscious girls across the country to make quick decisions. I assure all the daughters that the government will take action on this report soon. Another important step has been taken today to further strengthen India’s nutrition promotion. Today 1 variety of new seeds of different crops including wheat and paddy are being made available to the farmers of the country.

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During the Corona Crisis, there are various discussions around the world about hunger and malnutrition. India has been providing free rations to about 600 million poor people for the last 6 months. During this time, India has distributed foodgrains worth about Rs 1.5 trillion to the poor.

Over the years, there has been considerable work in research and development of improved seeds in the country. Before 2014, where only one such variety reached farmers. Today, there are 70 biophorified varieties of different crops for farmers. One Nation One Ration Card System has been implemented in 28 States and Union Territories of the country to ensure food security. Recently, 3 major agricultural reforms have been carried out, which are very important steps to improve the country’s agricultural sector and increase the income of farmers.

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Several steps have been taken to ensure that farmers get one and a half times the cost as MSP. MSPs and government procurement are an important part of the country’s food security. So it is normal for them to continue. As India’s farmers become stronger, their incomes will increase, and the campaign against malnutrition will gain equal strength. I am sure that the growing connection between India and the FAO will further accelerate this campaign.



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