Preparing to give a strong message to China, Quad countries will conduct Malabar joint military exercise with India from today


The armies of India, America, Japan and Australia will conduct joint military exercises in the Pacific Ocean from Thursday. This joint exercise, named as Malabar 21, will run from 26 August to 29 August, in which all the four countries of the Quadrilateral Dialogue or Quad will be involved. These countries were engaged in military exercises together for the first time last year. This is the 25th of the Malabar naval exercise. version is.This military exercise is considered to be very important against the aggressive policies of China and it is believed that Beijing’s irritation is also certain.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Indian Navy said that the aim of this exercise is to establish common understanding about maritime security among the participating countries. The statement also said that two warships, INS Shivalis and INS Kadmat, a P-81 aircraft and Marine Commandos (MARCOS) of the Navy will participate in the Malabar military exercise this year.

Destroyers, warships, corvettes, submarines, helicopters, long-range maritime patrol aircraft will be demonstrated in this exercise by the navies of the four quad countries. Apart from this, special forces including US Navy SEALs and Marcos of the Indian Navy will also be a part of this military exercise.


The Malabar joint exercise started in 1992, after which cooperation between the navies of India and the US increased rapidly. In 2007, Japan, Singapore, and Australia were also included in this joint exercise by expanding its scope, but due to Chinese opposition, the matter did not progress much. At that time no one wanted to mess with China but after a decade the situation had changed. Eventually Japan became a part of it in 2015 and Australia joined back in 2020.

Ever since Joe Biden took power in the US, the US government’s emphasis has been on promoting quadrilateral cooperation. The first summit that Joe Biden attended after becoming president was a virtual summit of the quad countries held in March this year.

Quod is the quadrilateral security dialog. This includes India, the United States, Japan and Australia. It is recognized as one of the four democracies with a common objective to ensure and support a ‘free, open and prosperous’ Indo-Pacific region.


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