Prashant Kishor’s prediction is visible due to these reasons, how BJP can remain in power for decades


After the BJP’s defeat in the West Bengal assembly elections and the BJP’s performance in the recent by-polls, its road to Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa in 2022 may be tough. But recently in the BJP’s national executive, PM Modi has expressed confidence that the party’s position will remain strong. He said that we have an army of workers whereas other parties revolve around just one family. However, at the present time it is also a matter that BJP also lives around Narendra Modi.

Recently, election strategist Prashant Kishor had said that BJP will remain at the center of Indian politics. Many political analysts had agreed with Prashant. Experts believe that the pairing of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah has changed the fundamental rules of Indian politics. BJP is not a party which is active during elections, it is a full time election machine which is ready to crush the opponents all the time. It is possible that BJP may lose in the coming assembly elections but the main focus of the party is on Uttar Pradesh. BJP will leave no stone unturned to win Lucknow. In any case, BJP wants to win the state with the largest population.

How BJP is benefiting from Rahul Gandhi

BJP uses Rahul Gandhi as its trump card. It works to capitalize on every move of Congress by linking it to the failure of Rahul Gandhi. Punjab is the latest example of how the Gandhi family humiliated an old warrior like Amarinder Singh. Many political experts believe that the Gandhi family is incapable of leading the party at the present time. Whatever happened to the farmers in Lakhmipur Kheri, Priyanka Gandhi dominated the media for several days. But can such a Congress come to power or become a strong opposition? This is still a big question.


The election of the president has also become a challenge for the Congress.

All is not well within the Congress party as well. The party could not even elect a full-time president for several months. Although the Gandhi family has acknowledged that the selection of a full-time president is necessary, the tussle over the reins of the party continues. Sonia Gandhi’s health does not allow her to play an active role. Rahul may have been flouting the words of the Modi government but has been careless in respecting the constitution of his party. The party has not held internal elections since 1998. There have been allegations against Rahul that he does not bother to consult the elders.

Even opposition parties do not see hope from Rahul Gandhi

Along with the Congress, the opposition is also looking desperate. Opposition parties are also not seeing Rahul Gandhi as a credible alternative to Narendra Modi in the 2024 elections. Mamata Banerjee began to strengthen the Trinamool Congress by wooing disgruntled Congressmen in Goa, Tripura and Meghalaya. Sharad Pawar also seems to be going on this path. In the near future, Rahul Gandhi does not seem to be turning away from the candidate for the post of PM. By doing this, he is probably harming himself as well as the party.


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