Prakash Javadekar said – social media is out from the OTT guideline, full guidelines before serving pornographic content or dirty movies


Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that the government has issued new rules and guidelines to prevent fake news on OTT platforms. He said that there are no restrictions on social media platforms.

The government has released a new guideline on the growing content of porn on social media and OTT. Regarding which Information Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said that social media has been exempted. Prakash Javadekar said on the OTT guideline that strict steps have to be taken on adult content. Censor certificate will not be necessary.

According to the media report, regarding the guidelines issued for social media and OTT platforms, the government has not imposed any restriction on social media. We want everyone to get equal justice. But everyone has to follow these rules.

The rules framed by the central government for the OTT platform have been welcomed by all. Whether print media, electronic media, digital media are all welcoming these decisions. But those who serve pornographic content will have to take action.

The government clearly said that after continuous complaints about digital media and OTT platforms, the guidelines have been issued for this. The Central Government has implemented Code of Ethics and 3 Tier Self Regulation and it has been welcomed by all.

These are the guidelines of OTT platform …

1. All companies will have to tell the source of content on the request of the court and the government.


2. Defamatory content must be removed within 24 hours.

3. Posts that mess with the dignity of women have to be removed immediately.

4. A complaint officer has to be appointed for social media.

5. Reports of complaints have to be submitted every 6 months.



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