Praising Hinduism, Salman Khurshid said – I am sorry that I wrote the book in English


Congress leader Salman Khurshid is not deterred even after the nationwide protests over his book ‘Sunrise Over Ayodhya: Nationhood in Our Times’. He took a jibe at the BJP and other Hindutva organizations opposing this book that he regretted that he wrote this book in English. Salman said that the English of the poor protestors is weak, so they do not understand the real thing. It would be better if they get the book translated.

The Congress leader, who arrived at the conclusion of the ongoing five-day Kalki Mahotsav at Anchoda Kamboh, Sambhal, clarified the controversy and praised Hinduism. He said that if I had been troubled by Hinduism, I would not have been in Kalki Mahotsav. I come here every year and come here because in my view Hinduism is a comprehensive and infinite peace of mind, a religion that talks about world peace. I believe in it. It seems to me that some enemies of Hinduism have entered the middle who are polluting Hinduism. Using the name of Hindu religion. Such people are enemies of Hinduism. They are afraid that their truth might come out from this book. That’s why they want to ban the book but no one can ban or lock the truth. the truth always comes out


On the controversial part of the book, Salman said that I have written that ISIS and Boko Haram misuse the religion of Islam, but none of the believers of Islam raised any objection to me. I have written that if there is a person who abuses religion like him in any other religion then he is also doing what ISIS and Boko Haram do. I have said my point on similarity and not comparison of both, but unfortunately some people did not understand this book due to being in English. If so, they should get it translated.

Will bring the enemies of religion before the public court
Salman Khurshid said that if I see someone who is an enemy of religion, then I have to put it in front of the public. The court belongs to all the people, it will be decided by the number of people in our country that will be kept in their court. My job is only to expect, my job is to pray, that I am doing. Those who want to put a hold on my book and my prayer, ask them why they want to put a hold on my prayer.


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