Pollution from Corona took lives of people, Medanta’s doctor told Smog Tower a huge waste of public money


The continuing air pollution in Delhi-NCR has increased the problems of the elderly and children as well as the sick. Dr. Arvind Kumar, Chairman, Institute of Chest Surgery at Medanta Hospital on Sunday termed the installation of smog towers to check air pollution as a huge waste of public money as a big mistake. It is not helpful in protecting the air from getting polluted. He said that air pollution needs to be taken seriously, as more pollution has killed people than corona.

Along with this, Dr. Arvind Kumar said that children are facing more air pollution, which is quite dangerous. “According to our study at the Lung Care Foundation, more than 50% of adolescents have high symptoms of chest disease, 29% have asthma, 40% are obese (20% more prone to asthma), he said. .

People and children suffering from chronic diseases are vulnerable to air pollution: Dr. Naresh Trehan

On the other hand, Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman and Managing Director of Medanta Hospital said on Saturday that people with chronic diseases and children are more vulnerable to air pollution. Dr. Trehan said that air pollution is affecting not only the lungs but also other parts of the body. Everyone who has a chronic problem like heart disease will suffer immensely. Pollution directly affects the person’s breath, where you are taking all these toxins into your lungs. Due to this your blood pressure can increase, if you are already suffering from heart attack condition then your heartbeat can increase.

Dr. Trehan also expressed concern over the effects of air pollution on the health of children. He said people are complaining of headache, shortness of breath, especially those with asthma and other chronic lung diseases. He stressed that young children are very vulnerable. They are in a stage when their brain is developing and all the excretory nitric toxins affect their brain development, so I think it should be taken very seriously. He called for decisive and concrete measures to stop the recurring problem.

Dr. Trehan said that air pollution is happening year after year and every year around this time we discuss like this, but unfortunately it has never been taken correctly. Decisive action should be taken to control this so that it does not happen again. Because when it happens like this and people get sick, that damage is permanent.




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