Police say goodbye to sniffer dogs in this unique way, watching the video will make you sensitive


Employees working in any department of the country are dismissed at the time of retirement. Something similar happened in Maharashtra with sniffer dogs. The video of the departure of a sniffer dog from the Maharashtra Police is going very viral on social media. In fact after retiring the police department gave this dog such a favorite gift that people get emotional when they see it. The video of this dog is going viral on social media. At the same time, the Maharashtra Police Department is also being praised.

In this viral video you can see that this retired dog from the police department is sitting quietly on the bonnet of the car. The car is equipped with balloons and other items.

This video is from Nashik Police in Maharashtra and this dog has been working with this police for the last 11 years. Now that his service is over, the police department has said goodbye to him. The method of bidding for BD was completely different. This dog finished his service at the police department on the 24th of this month.

This dog helped the police department in a variety of ways. For example, being able to detect a bomb would sometimes help the police department a lot if it dried up.




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