PM Modi gave wrong information to the country in his address, apologise; Congress raised question


After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation, the Congress on Friday claimed that Modi has spread confusion by giving wrong information, for which he should apologize to the country. Party spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh questioned that when 50 percent of the country’s population did not get a single vaccine of Kovid and lakhs of people lost their lives due to the incompetence of the government, then what is being celebrated?

Prime Minister Modi on Friday lauded the country’s achievement of crossing 100 crore doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccines, saying India’s vaccination campaign is “science-generated, science-driven and science-based”. Also there is no “VIP-culture”. Addressing the nation, Modi appealed to the people to follow the guidelines related to COVID-19 and not to be negligent even during the upcoming festivals.

Congress spokesperson Vallabh told reporters, “The Prime Minister put forth some facts which were half-baked and also wrong. These can cause confusion in the scientific community. We have a saying here that quack-khakim Khatra-e-Jaan. Prime Minister can talk about ‘Entire Political Science’, ‘Eventology’ and ‘Vastrology’. But they should not have given wrong information on sensitive topics like health and epidemics.

Vallabh claimed, “The Prime Minister said that for the first time in the country, vaccines have been made. I think this is an insult to India’s scientists, pharmaceutical industry, doctors, nurses, corona warriors. The truth is that India is already a huge center for the production of vaccines. In 1985, the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi started vaccination for six diseases simultaneously, but did not advertise by putting his photo anywhere. Vaccination policy was formulated in 2011.


Vallabh said, “The Prime Minister also said in his statement that India became the first country in the world where 100 crore doses of vaccines have been given, whereas till September 16, 2021, more than 200 crore doses have been given in China. According to him, “How many countries of the world have a population of more than 500 million? Only two such countries are India and China. So how can we compare the number of doses of vaccines to a country with a population of 30 million? We should only compare with China.

“Is it festival time when 50 per cent of the population has not received a single vaccine? In our country, only 21 percent of the population has received both the vaccines. A month ago in China, 80 percent of the population had received both vaccines.” Vallabh asked, “Is it festival time when the vaccination of school going children has not started yet? How can we celebrate when the number of daily vaccinations is decreasing? Is it festival time when the price of diesel has gone up by 29 per cent and that of petrol by 27 per cent in the last nine and a half months? Who is the person whose income has increased so much within nine months?

The Congress leader said tauntingly, “The Prime Minister was justifying his clap-thali event. When many countries were ordering vaccines, we were being clapping and clapping. When we needed vaccines, vaccines were sent to other countries of the world. Is it to be thanked for this?” On the question related to the remark of the Prime Minister’s ‘VIP culture’, he said, “How is the Prime Minister talking about VIP culture in vaccination? Was earlier the dose of polio given two drops to the children of poor families and three drops to the children of VIP families? They shouldn’t do such things.”

“Is it a time of celebration for the millions of families who have lost their loved ones due to the incompetence of the government? I think the Prime Minister should apologize to these families. It’s not a time for celebration. Apologize for the wrong information he has given.


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