PM also believes that the opposition should be strong, not forced; Union Minister Naqvi said before the Parliament session


Ahead of the winter session of Parliament, Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that PM Modi wants the opposition in Parliament to be strong, not forced. Union Minister and Deputy Leader of Rajya Sabha Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Sunday said the Pegasus issue is an issue of “without logic and facts” which has no point in raising it in Parliament and trying to link parliamentary proceedings with the upcoming assembly elections is not right. He said that in this winter session of Parliament, the government is ready to discuss every subject on the basis of the decisions of the seats in both the houses.

Kavi has made this remark regarding the Pegasus case when, after the Supreme Court’s decision to constitute a committee to investigate the Pegasus case, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that in the upcoming session of Parliament also, this will be done. The issue will be taken up. During the monsoon session of Parliament, there was uproar for several days in both the houses over the Pegasus issue. The winter session of Parliament is starting from November 29 and will continue till December 23. On Congress’s announcement to take up the Pegasus issue again, Naqvi said, “What they (Congress) have decided is not important. The government will stand with the decision taken by the chair or the decision taken by consensus. How long will these ‘spy James Bond’ tales last?

“There is no point in raising this issue now,” he insisted. I think on issues which do not have any facts and logic, if they make up their mind to create ruckus in Parliament on such irrational issues, then they have their will. Were ready to discuss inflation. Pegasus has been talked about many times and every time he is exposed. Supreme Court has given its verdict, things have been clarified. Congress is such a James Bond of espionage that if it is in opposition, it raises the bar of espionage and if it comes to power, it spreads the trap of espionage.

He said, “Prime Minister Modi showed his work through democracy and dynastic parties by creating disturbances in Parliament. We are ready to discuss. Whatever are the issues of the opposition, the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha will decide on it. We will fulfill the responsibility of the government.” Asked whether talks are taking place with the opposition parties before the session, Naqvi said, “We maintain contact and dialogue with allies of the opposition. They keep talking to him. It is our endeavor to resolve the issues of the opposition and take everyone along.” Is. Assembly elections are about to be held in five states. If we combine the elections and the proceedings of the Parliament together, then we will not be able to do justice. It will be our endeavor to have more productivity in the winter session.


On what would be the strategy of the government in case there is opposition unity before the Parliament session, the Union Minister said, “Our party, the government and the Prime Minister also believe that the opposition should be strong, not forced.” It is unfortunate that the chauvinism of some people is in danger in the affair of becoming the Choudhary of the opposition. Congress, Trinamool Congress and some other parties say we are the Choudhary of the opposition. Because of this competition, there is confusion within them. But unite on the issues. Last time these people came together just to create disturbance.

On the uproar in the Rajya Sabha on the last day of the last session, Naqvi said, “The matter is with the Chair. This is the appeal to the friends of the opposition that we have the strongest and best parliamentary democracy in the world. We should not do any such work which will harm it.” On the announcement of farmer leaders to march to Parliament during the session, the Union Minority Affairs Minister said that the government did not put up any board of ‘No Entry and No Talk’ for the farmers. But the farmer leaders should be aware of the parties exploiting them.

“The government has talked about guaranteeing MSP a thousand times. It has been said about this both inside and outside the Parliament. Today there is no minimum support price but maximum support price. The mandis were safe and will remain safe. Farmers’ land was guaranteed in the law. These three issues were of farmers which got resolved. But some people are trying to create an atmosphere of confusion and fear.” On the remarks made on Hindutva in the book of former Union Minister Salman Khurshid, Naqvi hit out at the Congress, saying that the Congress’s ‘anti-Hindu mantra’ would help him. Doing ‘chumping’.


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