Petrol-Diesel Update: Petrol-Diesel prices increased for the second consecutive day



New Delhi (LokSatya). Petrol and diesel prices rose for the second consecutive day on Monday and reached a new record level. In the four metropolitan cities of the country, the prices of both fossil fuels increased by 28 paise today. Petrol and diesel prices have been increased for 20 days from May 4 till now, while there has been no change in prices for the remaining 15 days. Petrol has become costlier by Rs 4.91 and diesel by Rs 5.49 in Delhi during this period.

According to leading oil marketing company Indian Oil Corporation, the price of petrol in the national capital Delhi increased by 28 paise to Rs 95.31 per liter. Diesel became costlier by 27 paise in Delhi and its price went up to Rs 86.22 per liter.

Petrol became costlier by 27 paise and diesel by 28 paise in Mumbai. There one liter of petrol was sold for Rs 101.52 and one liter of diesel for Rs 93.58.

In Kolkata, petrol became costlier by 26 paise to Rs 95.28 and diesel by 27 paise to Rs 89.07 per liter.

In Chennai, the price of petrol increased by 24 paise and that of diesel by 26 paise. There one liter of petrol was found for Rs 96.71 and one liter of diesel for Rs 90.92.

Petrol and diesel prices are reviewed daily and based on that new prices are implemented every day from 6 am.

Today the prices of petrol and diesel in four metros of the country are as follows:

City Name——Petrol Rs/Litre——Diesel Rs/Litre

Delhi————— 95.31—————— 86.22

Mumbai-—————101.52—————— 93.58




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