Permission for import of black fungus medicine without customs until the Center decides

Customs will not have to be paid for importing Amphotericin B injection, a drug used in the treatment of patients with black fungus. The Delhi High Court has given permission for import of customs duty on Thursday in view of the acute shortage of this medicine.

A Bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Jasmeet Singh has said that importers can import the drug without paying the customs duty on the basis of contract letter by the importers till the final decision is taken by the central government to give exemption in customs duty on this drug.

The bench said that this drug is urgently needed to save the lives of thousands of people suffering from black fungus. The Bench said that as long as there is a shortage of this medicine, the Central Government should seriously consider the exemption of customs duty on it. Along with this, the High Court has ordered that any person of Amphotericin B should be allowed to import the medicine without the actual customs duty being offered by the importer till the time the contract is presented by the importer. It takes.

The bench has said in the order that the importer will have to give an affidavit stating that if the import duty is not exempted by the government, the importer will pay the duty.

The case was raised during a debate on a petition filed by a Black Fungus patient who was not receiving medication. One lawyer informed the court that the import duty on the drug is 27 percent while another lawyer said that it is 78 percent.

Counsel for the Center said that he is not aware of the exact percentage and after receiving instructions from the competent authority, he will inform the court. Kirtiman Singh, the permanent lawyer of the central government, argued that the issue of waiver of import duty on such drugs will be informed to the authorities today and a decision will be taken soon. The bench said it is expected that the Center will consider exempting the import duty.

The bench said that in view of the fact that this drug is necessary to save the lives of those infected with black fungus infecting thousands of people in the country, the central government is seriously concerned about the complete exemption of customs duty on these drugs. Consider it at least till then its supply in India is less. The court was assured by the Center that the Customs Department would approve all the consignments related to Black Fungus and Kovid-19 without any delay.


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